Morning Announcements: 01 / 31 / 2022

Morning Announcements: 01 / 31 / 2022

Chelsea Nnebedum, Sydney Ellis, Editor

Welcome to another Magnificent Monday  at our Mecca of Excellence! Today is a “B” day. Class starts at 7:45am. Please arrive on time, with your masks on, ready to learn!
Social Media misuse
Please be advised that commentary associated with the use of weapons at school, even in jest, requires that the Department of Homeland Security be involved. Don’t make a mistake posting something that you find “entertaining” that references serious incidents, such as school shootings. There will be consequences including, possibly, federal charges.
Student Movement Guidance
Great work on keeping the hallways clear and the building quiet at the end of last week. This represents the daily expectation for our building. We will institute a modified pass policy this week. No more than one student can leave the classroom at a time. Hall sweeps will continue with students captured in hall sweep spending the period in ISS. Repeat offenders will receive swift and decisive disciplinary actions. As we close the 2nd quarter, let’s focus on keeping teaching and learning the priority.
CHF 10th grader recognized by National Media Source
The Rainbow Club- BLM Action Week
The Rainbow Club is participating in the BLM at School Week of Action, from January 31-February 4, promoting activism and empowerment within our school community. Every day we have prompts based on the 13 guiding principles of BLM. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join us. Look out for emails and instagram posts (@chfhsgsa)!
Send in any responses, comments, videos, artwork, etc. through our Google Form. Participation is greatly appreciated!! 

From the Desk of Ms. Hunt- School Social Worker

Please see this information on self-care practices provided by Ms. Hunt. Thank you for sharing these resources with our school community!
Senior College Application Data
I will continue to post the percentages of Seniors at CHF who have applied for College weekly. We are up from last week and are now at 50%. Great work Class of 2022!  Let’s work towards our next goal of 60%! Our goal is for 80% of our Seniors to apply! Let’s get these numbers up!


Support our Student Journalists via SNO Donates
We have set up a donation through SNO to help our student journalists. SNO Donate makes it easy to collect donations through our SNO website from family, alumni, and community members who want to support your journalism program.
Community donations will support the student journalists of Charles Herbert Flowers. Your contribution will allow us to purchase equipment and cover the annual website hosting costs. Please go over to the website now. Every dollar helps!
Congratulations to our Posse Scholar!
The Posse Scholarship is one of the most prestigious full tuition scholarships in our country. Please congratulate Senior Daphne Nwobike for being awarded this honor!
Time to start thinking about AP!!
AP registration has begun! The Advanced Placement program allows our students to access rigorous, college-level course work. EVERY student should be thinking about taking as many AP classes as possible prior to graduation. Please reach out Dr. Boykins at [email protected] if you have more questions.