BLM Week Of Action

Amiyah Darden

From January 31 to February 4 2022 ,the Rainbow Club is participating in the BLM at School Week of Action. You many be wondering, what is the BLM Week of Action?

The BLM Week Of Action is where we all come together, families and staff, come together to make sure their voices are heard. Their job is to bring empowerment and activism to Charles Herbert Flowers High School. They, along with many other clubs, students and staff, are making sure the students within our building feel mentally and physically safe. So that we can provide for them and make this place feel something like a second home. Everyone in our school community is being encouraged to participte in this small act of kindness, which can result in a huge impact on our schools community.

Todays Guiding Principles Are:

  • Resotrative Justice
  • Empathy
  • Loving Engagement

January 31 Prompt

  • Have you ever been punished without a chance to talk through what happened and work out a solution with the people impacted?
  • Do you know any people who have less empathy for certain people than others?
  • What situations could you be MORE loving in, in more mindful about the energy you give to other people?

Here is a link to a presentation of last years BLM Week of Action Presentation

Any feedback, responses, poems , videos, artwork, etc that you’d like to send in, submit them to this google form