What does it mean to take initiative?


Kalise Evans

The beautiful sky outside of Charles Herbert Flowers School this morning . GOOD MORNING JAGS.

Theres dishes in the sink, do them before your mother ask you too

An assignment is due, do it before your teacher has to remind you

You have the power to do so and you become stronger when you do so

Do it first, before anyone else can

Its not  race nor a competition

Do it because no one else will

Be there to, not be the first, be the one who will

Be willing to do it

Have the courage to do it

You dont always have the confidence to do it

But you will need to do something


When theres a spill on isle 5, clean it

There are four more boxes left to deliver, deliver them

If you arent willing to do it now, when will you do it

If you arent willing to do it now, youll be forced to do it

And if you arent forced then your on your own

So learn how to feel it on your own

Feel great for taking initiative

Feel great knowing you took sometype of stress off of someones back

Feel amazing knowing you dont always have to be told to do something

You see that racism is starting to get worse, start a movement

You see police brutlity increasing, if you see something say something

Your opinion isnt something thats given, you have the right to think

Speak on what you can

Do what your able to do

Especially when no one else is willing to do it

Do you take initiative?