My Opinions on the January 6th Insurrection

Kamsi Oguguo, Editor: Showayane Wallace

January 6, 2021 has given me a better understanding of how people react when they want something they know is wrong.  Many know that the election was fair. Many know that this election was said to be the most secure in history and was not stolen.  However, some people decided to wake up and pretend that wasn’t the case.

 I feel like those Americans who do know the truth, should be embarrassed for what they did.

Donald Trump decided to encourage an insurrection, a mob, a rebellion in support of something he knows is wrong. He has left the white house with a bad name by choosing not to acknowledge his defeat against the current president.

I think Joe Biden has shown leadership and loyalty for America through his words and actions and will have the ability to return America to its previous state, back to how it was when Barack Obama was president