What Is Fear?

Kamsi Oguguo, Writer, Photographer, Editor


         Fear is a blockage in one’s lives that creates distress and different types of conflicted casualties. Fear can affect one in two ways, positive effects and negative effects. Depending on how a person reacts to a situation or how they realitate to something, they can acquire positive or negative effects. Fears that people are experiencing could contribute to short or long term decisions they make in the future, this is why fear is not the best thing to have equipped. In this essay, I will be explaining  how fear can impact a person’s behaviours or beliefs.


          Fear can negatively impact one’s life in various ways. For example, if a child is involved in any type of tragedy or horror such as bank robbery, That tragedy will definitely affect his life in the future. These negative impacts are what amplifies failure and manipulates success. This type of tragedy can cause bipolar disorder or even Agoraphobia. ¨Fear is unhealthy when it makes you more cautious than you really need to be to stay safe, and when it prevents you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy.¨ ¨Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility.  It can lead to accelerated ageing and even premature death.Fear can literally kill somebody, depending on how we choose to overcome it, determines our fate.



           Although fear is a two way thing, It also has positive effects. Fear can help somebody strengthen their mind as they strive to control it. If somebody has a fear of animals and they go to the zoo, they are trying to amplify or strengthen their minds so they could have the ability to go beyond their fears. Dampening fears is the number one step to becoming fearless. If you have an exam in two days that you have not studied for and you fear that you might fail, try time managing your schedule and cut off hours of games or even sleep just to study for that exam. If the person passes the exam, They have weakened their fears which is positive to the human system. Fear can give you focus and concentration. ¨Fear keeps you alert, it keeps you surviving and progressing, it is a thermometer that lets you know you are moving into a hot area and doing something beyond the normal.¨ Fear also gives preparation and planning. Preparation includes feeding yourself with positive encouragement, inspiration, reading about others who have accomplished their goals and letting their stories be a source of motivation, imagining yourself as having achieved the goal and letting this mental imagery spur you onward.


           Fear can also impact one’s beliefs. For example, if someone loves to go to the carnival but all of a sudden a tragedy occurs such as the roller coaster getting stuck, this may forever ruin that person’s beliefs about that place. Although as I said, fear is a two way thing. Fear can also positively affect one’s beliefs.  For example, if somebody doesn’t like a certain carnival but decided to go, and all the roller coasters were fun and strong, this person might rethink his beliefs about the carnival and maybe start going there even more. The function of these changes of belief is to facilitate coping with an adverse or unexpected situation. In the movie , “Contagion” , after the virus begins to multiply and resources become scarce, people begin to cause chaos. Worst part is that firefighters were too scared to come and  take care of fires because they did not want to attract the virus and spread it. Dr. Cheever became so fearful of the disease that he decided to tell his daughter to leave Chicago immediately while she still could. The virus created changes in people’s perspectives of each other and the rumors worsened it. This is the many ways fear can impact beliefs of one.


            Even though fear has good effects, it is still a negative blockage when you first acquire it. Avoiding these tragedies is a very good key to stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and even socially. Fear is not real because it can be easily fought with. It is a thought in our heads that can affect us positively or negatively. Either way, you can always overcome your fears.