Are students robots?

Trinity Young, Editor-Malik oliver

Hi my name is Trinity Young I am sophomore at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. I want to talk about the weight teachers and parents put on their children’s backs. With the high expectations that parents and teachers have for all high school students I wonder if the cycle will ever break with putting so much pressure on kids. So do teachers think that applying this much pressure will help their students grow? In majority of the high schools students discuss how their teachers just assign work and barely go over the lesson. Leaving them clueless.

Everyone is different and handles things differently than others, so when it comes down to teaching, teachers should definitely consider that when they are teaching a lesson. Students need to be more open to asking questions in class and not being afraid of what others think of them when they do so. There is definitely a narrative for kids to not ask questions in class because they should already know it, but the truth is that nobody knows everything. Students here at Flowers have expressed that they feel like they are suffocating with how much work they are given to do on a daily basises. With all the work that they are assigned, they need to ask questions in class or they do not know the lesson. Doing the work will definitely affect their grade, and even how they feel about themselves. 

Are students robots? Since I am a high school student I should be able to answer this question easily and say no, but the way some teachers are teaching their students I think they think we are. Plus parents do not help by making us do all these chores and when we forget they yell as if we don’t already get yelled at school for not being the ¨best we could be¨. Maybe what isn’t the best work to our teachers is the best work their students can give. So are students robots? No and we definitely should not be treated like them either.