What’s your ✨aesthetic ✨ (💿🍄Indie Kid🐸)

Tamya Anderson, Writer

Hello everyone, throughout my year here at Charles Herbert Flowers I’ve been introduced to so many aesthetics. I love the variety of styles I’ve been seeing in the hallway everyone looks amazing! If you’ve found a particular style that you saw on someone that you found interesting but don’t know what the exact name for the style is I took some time to list some from the many aesthetics that I know. The first aesthetic I will introduce is:

A indie kid ✨🍄💿*my aesthetic*

The makeup 















Basically, the makeup we usually tend to do is mascara, colorful eyeshadow and eyeliner,and freckles🙃.








So✨ baggy pants, crop tops,cardigans, oversized tees and skirts✨.








As far as shoes dirty shoes are an acception ✨. Converse and air forces are our to-go too✨.






Colorful jewelry ✨

And lastly, hairstyles*I recommend doing hairstyles you know can be done on your hair type*






Go for a frontal lace front✨ colors ✨, naturally flat ironed hair or braids 🌛

That’s all, I hope I was able to help.

have a good day everyone, my next article will be on ✨ Y2K ✨