BLM Week of Action Day 1

Reyna Tagyen, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

The Rainbow Club is participating in the BLM at School Week of Action, from January 31-February 4, promoting activism and empowerment within our school community. Every day we have prompts based on the 13 guiding principles of BLM. Any clubs, teachers, or students are encouraged to participate! Check out our presentation from last year.

Day 1
Today’s Guiding Principles: 
  • Restorative Justice
  • Empathy
  • Loving Engagement
Today’s Prompts:
  • Have you ever been punished without a chance to talk through what happened and work out a solution with the people impacted?
  • Do you know any people who have less empathy for certain people than others?
  • What situations could you be MORE loving in, in more mindful about the energy you give to other people?
Feel free to send in any responses, comments, videos, poems, artwork, etc. Please submit any responses to this google form. Also, take a look at the attached posters.
Have a nice day!