Current news in Charles H. Flowers

A handful of altercations that occured last wednesday resulted in serious disciplinary actions.

Aaliyah Amekudzi, Reporter

On Wednesday Jan. 26th 2022 its no secret that various fights broke down in the gym between multiple students during D lunch. All security were forced to the the scene, because of these actions the administrative board issued a no pass policy which means teachers are not allowed to give out passes during 4th period unless of an emergency. A few other fights occurred on third floor and ended with injuries and bruises. Yet again another fight broke out during the dismissal of students. For the rest of the week till yesterday the no pass policy was still enforced. Teachers were told to call the main office an inform them if a students needed to leave a class. students caught in the hallway were brought in for loitering and put into in school suspension. Repeated offenders were to be suspended until and parent or guardian met with an administrator. Dr. brown has stated this school carries a great meaning and as a whole are to show our respect to charles herbert flowers and helena nobles jones. Now my question is why did it take so long to enforce these rules? how come it took so much disrespect and childish behavior before they finally start taking the school more serious? It’s surely not fair to the students that came here to do what they are supposed to do, but they don’t get rewarded for it. It’s so sad, do better flowers.