“Don’t Always Listen to the Statistics” Steve Harvey Morning Motivation 2/2/22


Desmond Benjamin, Sydney Ellis , Editor

This morning Steve Harvey shared a motivational message that really hit me. The topic was “Don’t Always Listen to the Statistics.” He began to talk about how a lot of older generations use the terms ” 1 out of…” or “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Then goes on to say that if you’re a dreamer, don’t listen to people who say that. He uses a situation that happened in the past as a reference. He says that when he was younger and still at the bottom of the comedy chain, he went to this meeting and it was this person that was telling him and the other comedians that were there with him. After the meeting, Steve says that he walks up to him and asks him what he has to do in order to be on the Tonight Show. He turns and looks at him and says “Steve you know only 1 out of 2,000 comedians make it to the tonight show.” Steve then backtracks and adds that hates when people bring God into the situation. He says that he “hates” when older people say “Maybe it wasn’t in God’s will.” Harvey states that people usually use these phrases to shoot your success down. So, every time you have a dream and somebody tries to shoot it down with statistics, I want you to look at them and tell them “I get all of my strength through the one above and I know what I can do, and I will succeed at it.”


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