Finding Your Voice

Amiyah Darden, Editor: Shyann Snyder

My words are poetic, maybe more justice.

My words flow and like a cat in a box they make ruckus,

My words argue such as wives and husbands.

I don’t just think, I share my discussion.

My words grow inside of your head like the grasslands,

My words ruin the corn and crops on your farmlands.

My words flood your thoughts and water them down like the wetlands.

My words grow into huge creatures and attack you for all you have,

Words sprint with high endurance with a risk type tendency that may not follow with sympathy.

I can’t tell you how my components come together and create moments.

Speak poetically, not physically or sickly,

Expand your minds capacity to learn new vocabulary.

Let your words flow casually, maybe not in order, but fashionably,

Let your mind run disorderly until you find your poetic voice