“Don’t Let the Little Things Get in the Way (Keep Going)” Steve Harvey Morning Show 2/3/22


Yesterday Steve Harvey was giving his morning message and the topic was Don’t Let the Little Things Get in the Way. He started off by saying that minor things can’t stop you.He explains how being late to the studio didn’t stop him from getting there. He also says “that you can act like a spoiled brat or you can go and hustle”. You could say “well maybe it just isn’t the time” NO! Don’t say that. You are being lazy and showing that you don’t want to keep up the hustle. He says that “It’s not always about the little things that happen, but it’s about how you handle them”. He says that “the doubts may come but it’s how you handle them”. He says that you can’t handle them by saying “Oh, maybe it’s not in God’s will.” or “Maybe it’s just not for me to do”. That’s taking one moment of failure and knowing that you won’t be able to succeed. He then goes on by saying that “we have to stop bringing God or religion into things like this”. That you can’t keep taking a scripture from out of the Bible and using it to justify your failure. The phrase most commonly used is “the poor shall always be amongst us.” Steve then goes on to say “that God only put that line in the bible as a backup plan”. So each and every time that you’re faced with an obstacle big or small. I want you to say to yourself  “I can do all things through the one above that gives me strength”, “I can get over all of these obstacles that the enemy has set in front of me”. That’s why I will praise his name in advance, for he makes the impossible possible”.

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-Kelly Clarkson