What’s your ✨aesthetic ✨ (👽💚Y2K 🛸💿)

Tamya Anderson, Writer

Hello everyone, this week I’ve been writing articles based on the different aesthetics I’ve seen throughout the school. So far I’ve done indie kid and fairy grunge. I got some good feedback on those so, I’ll continue to do more of these throughout the week. Without further ado let’s get into the: ✨🛸 Cyber Y2K Aesthetic✨💚







Style Inspo



























































For the ✨Cyber Y2K✨ style wear baggy graphic jeans, sneakers, oversized tees and sweatshirts and baseball caps paired with fashion sunglasses.






Makeup Inspo










































Some makeup style tips for a cyber y2K look is lip liner,full face of makeup plus bronzer and highlight,lip gloss,and if you use lashes then fluffy lashes with a winged eyeliner.








shoes Inspo


















































When it comes to shoes it varies from sneakers,slippers,heels and Crocs.





























Cyber Y2K jewelry is mostly ✨chains and diamond ✨accecories.

Now onto 90’s  y2k,

This aesthetic is a bit different from y2k because it’s more 90’s style and less streetstyle.














































So as you can see the aesthetic screams ✨90’s✨








caps Inspo





































































For makeup, pastel eyeshadow with some glitter and lipgloss.

Thank you for reading this article✨, the next aesthetic I’ll write about will be ✨Alt(ernative)✨

Have a good day!