Fact of the day 2/8/2022


Daniel Odukoya , Editor//Dakota Meekins

Brazil is a country known for its colorful cities, carnivals, soccer and colorful coastlines and beaches. Brazil’s incredible diversity of animals make it an interesting destination for animal lovers and animal explorers, but the national animal of Brazil are their leopard jaguars. 

With Sao Paulo being the largest city in the southern hemisphere about 21 million residents (about the population of New York) reside there, with Brazil being the world largest exporter and producer for coffee accounting for 30% of the world’s population. 

The name Brazil was derived from the amount of brazilwood trees that the Portuguese saw when they arrived in Brazil and found out they were a good export for the Brazilians. With Brazil being a country filled with so many natural resources, it has been and is a country booming with inventors. 

For Example, in 1903 Vital Brazil discovered the polyvalent anti-ophitic serum, which is used to treat bites from poisonous snakes, in 1959 Terezinha Beatrice Alves invented the rice colander after clogging her sink multiple times, in 1996 Carlos Eduardo Lamboglia invented the electronic panel used in soccer games to indicate assisted substitutions, in 1972 Andreas Pavel invented the Walkman, In 2004 Eduardo Saverin co-founded Facebook. 

 In 2010 Michael Krieger Co-Founded Instagram and in 1936 Manuel Dias Abreu invented the rapid radiography of the lungs for screening tuberculosis 

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, make sure to visit the country’s three capitals which are Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and the current one Brasilia.