Black History Fact of The Day – 2/7/2022

Makenzie Roy and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Credits: Wikipedia

Who is this?

This is Martin R. Delany. Martin R. Delany was born in Charles Town, Virginia, to a free mother and an enslaved father. Delany’s mother took her children to Pennsylvania to evade their enslavement in 1822.

In 1833, Delany became an apprentice to a Pittsburgh Physician and later opened a medical practice of cupping and leeching. But in 1843 he decided that he didn’t have that much interest in medical practice, so he began publishing newspapers in Pittsburgh called ¨The Mystery¨. Later, he joined Frederick Douglass to write and promote ¨The North Star¨ in Rochester, New York.

What is he known for?

He is known for being a JOURNALIST!