2022 Scholarship Opportunity – Kingdom Citizens Youth Empowerment


Marshall Mango, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

KINGDOM CITIZENS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT, INC. is a non-profit organization
designed to help youths and young adults “realize their full, God-given potential”.
Students may apply to receive a scholarship from KCYE, Inc. toward college,
university, or trade school tuition.

2022 KCYE Scholarship Application Overview

Scholarship Criteria (200 points possible)
1. Grade point average (30 points possible; total = GPA x 7.5)
2. Community service hours (50 points possible)
a. KCYE Community service hours; 2 points per hour served
b. Other community service hours; 1 point per hour served (10 points max)
3. Recommendation letters (30 points possible; ten points per letter submitted)
4. Future Plans and Core Values Connection Essay (50 points possible; scoring
based on essay rubric)
5. Mandatory Interview (30 points possible; scoring based on interview rubric)
a. The interview may be rescheduled once. If the applicant is not able to
participate in the original or the rescheduled interview, he/she will not be
eligible for the scholarship.

6. Attendance in the Academy program via Google Classroom (5 points given per
session attended)
Rubric for Scholarship Criteria
The scholarship committee will review all submitted materials and make award
decisions based on the applicant’s aggregate scores.
Giving Back to KCYE
All scholarship recipients are expected to contribute to KCYE, Inc. in the year following
the receipt of their award by volunteering at least once in one of the following manners:
serving at a KCYE event, mentoring youth in KCYE, participating in the organization of
an event, or in any other way suitable to the furthering of KCYE’s mission.

2022 KCYE Scholarship Application Schedule

February 7: Scholarship application process opens
April 1: Scholarship applications due to [email protected] by 11:59 pm
April 8-10: Virtual interviews for applicants with qualifying ratings
April 15: Award decisions emailed to all applicants