Girls Basketball Team Winning Lead

Kalise Evans, Reporter

On Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th of February , our lady jags defeated Bulldogs Bowie High school. Our J.V won against their J.V team with a ending score on Monday 57-23 and on Tuesday 60-26. Our Varsity girls took a close win. Our ladies were down by 3 or 4 the entire game until the 4th quarter. One of our players Jaiden Anderson scored a 3- pointer to get the lead. Then our girls started to score against Bowie continuously.  So the girls ended a game with a score of 38-46 on Monday , January 7th. Tuesday , the 8th of January was a better game for the girls , it was more intense, hustle , and more ready to play even harder. They took the lead with a score of 49-32. Both of our girls leading with a record of 8-0. Our girls next game will be today at Suitland against the Rams. J.V will play at 5pm and Varsity will play at 7pm.