I Waited for You

This poem is dedicated to someone near and dear to my heart.


Stacey Alexis

The sun sets not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

Stacey Alexis, Sydney Ellis, Editor

I waited for you on the other side.

As you walked slowly by the tides.

You caught up with time,

Since you were walking in your prime.

You always stopped to smell a flower,

Or found a strawberry to devour,

But I never complain or made a face,

Because I could sit down patiently wait,

For you to walk down the aisle,

With your tired but happy smile.

I knew one day I’ll walk to far ahead,

Leaving you too far to see where to be led.

I ran back to see,

If you were with the flowers or the tree,

Where the strawberries grow

And the fireflies glow.

Why did you have to walk so slow?

When I found you I was elated,

But my happiness quickly faded.

I thought I’d wait for you on the other side,

But you were faster then I timed.