Get MAD! Speak Out Opportunity!

Make A Difference is allowing people to send out messages related to domestic violence.


Rejoice Anaele/ 3D Scholars

The MAD Committee wants to bring attention to the pressing issue of domestic violence. We desire for students to have an opportunity to speak out about the issues of domestic violence that stays unseen and unspoken in many communities.
Furthermore students, teachers, and all willing to participate have the opportunity to write a message in regards to domestic violence. This can be from advice, tips, stories, books, drawings, anything that you believe is meaningful to share. You have full freedom to speak. If you have questions email: [email protected]
** And if you want to be more engaged with us, be sure to attend our meeting this Thursday, February 17th in Room 222 from 2:40 to 4:30.
– Be BOLD and MAD