This is love…?

This is love...?

Desmond Benjamin, Denay Thompson//Editor Dakota Meekins//Editor

So, this is love.

The feeling of nervousness that I get every time you come around.

The way it seems as though all of my problems disappear when I hear your voice.

The way your palms get sweaty.

The weird silence that gets between the two of us when we want to say something,

But don’t know what to say.

The way I stare at you and say to myself “I’m lucky to have someone like you”

But the feeling of despair.

The dark void that comes around every time I see you.

The number of tears I shed at night when you’re yelling at me.

The bloodshed that happens when you get mad at me.

So, this is love?

The way you say you love me,

Then go off with someone else,

Or maybe the way you keep things from me.

Then, you say this is not the place for you.

How you openly cast me out in front of your friends.

The way you hold me tightly so I won’t tell the truth when someone asks me “How are you?”

The way you say you love me but don’t show any.

You cover that lie up by saying that you don’t know how to show affection or how to be affectionate.

So… This is love?