Fact of the day 3/8/2022

Daniel Odukoya , Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

Brunei, officially “Brunei Darussalam” (name meaning an “abode of peace”) is a country located on the north coast of the island of Borneo on Southeast Asia, with the official language being Malay, and English their second language that is mostly used for official business.

Brunei is a developed nation that has a public debt of 2.4% of its GDP, and ranked 43 on the human development index than all other countries in Southeast Asia.

Brunei is typically a short stopover for travelers crossing by bus between the Malaysian Borneo states of Sarawak and Sabah. The country prides itself on its infrastructure and its Islamic beliefs by proving it is one of the most observant Islamic nation in Southeast Asia with beautiful mosques where visitors are welcome but have to dress appropriately. With the citizens of the country receiving free education and medical services from the government, it is one of the reasons why the literacy rate is about 97.2% .

The country, being only a little bit larger than the state of Delaware, has one of the highest ownership car rates in the world, which is 1 car for every 1.5 people in the country.

Brunei’s sultan is one of the richest men in the world. He is a man who has full control over the country serving as their defense minister, prime minister, finance minister, and minister of foreign affairs, and manages the trade of Brunei.

Now that you know a little bit of the beautiful country, I suggest you make a trip as soon as possible to learn of the rich history of the area. One notable event is that eight days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese decided to attack and occupy Brunei to seek their rich source of oil.

Remember to dress appropriately and mind the tone of your voice when speaking to locals.