The Silent H

FAITH GEMOH and Dusaun Shedden

Once upon a time, there lived a father and his son in a very small village. The father was an english teacher in the village while the son did not go to school. One day, the boy found a letter and told his father to read it to him. While the father was reading it, he came across a word “HONEST” but pronounced it Onest without the H  and so the son was confused and even though he did not go to school, he at least knew his ABC’s. So he ask the father;

SON:      Dad, why didn’t you pronounce the H? 

 FATHER: because the H is silent. 

The father also went ahead and gave him a few words which had the silent H like HONOR, HOUR.


    So one day, the father left for school so early that he didn’t have time to eat breakfast. While at school, he was so hungry but he didn’t have any food and so he started thinking about how he was going to go home and start cooking while he was hungry. But he remembered that there was some leftover food from the day before. 

So he decided to send a message to his son which read “heat my food”. The father was so hungry that immediately he got home he just wanted to start eating but unfortunately for him, the son read his message as “eat my food” because he also thought that the H was silent. 

You can only imagine the fathers frustration when he got home 

Like they say “a hungry man is an angry man”