PGCPS students threatened to not speak on possible closure of Alternative Schools


Recently in PGCPS, students across the county were silenced and were not able to testify or speak on behalf of alternative schools and the closure of most schools. PGCPS police Department is looking into this because it’s a serious matter on why this occurred. On February 3rd, 2022 during the PGCPS board meeting, dozens of staff and students wanted Alternative schools to be open, but PGCPS is undecided on this option. PGCPS plans to close Tall oaks and community based alternative schools due to the budget of Prince George’s county.

Some CBC students say that they received random calls threatening them to not testify over the closure of alternative schools. Jade Mason, one of the victims, says, “She said do not speak at this Thursday’s meeting or any future budget meetings.” In this saying, Jade Mason proceeds to say that, “To the women who called, if you are here, you have only created more hopes of the future of CBC.”

The Prince Georges county school system did not respond to any news requests for comments. In conclusion, the board of education will vote on the final budget at the end of the month.