Support For AT-Risk Students At (CBC) & Tall Oaks

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Deontae Roach, Reporter/Writer

Last week at the Board Of Education budget meeting, Pamela Boozer-Strother revealed that she disagreed with the idea of restorative practices and alternative schools. Boozer-Strother is a board member of district 3. When she was elected, she promised to provide resources so that every child in Prince George’s County has access to great public education. Boozer-Strother is also a parent and community activist. She knows the hardship and deprivation that go along with parenthood. Why is she removing public opportunities for minorities when her objective is to provide resources? Minorities need to trust that leaders will protect their rights and self-identity. If our leaders do not represent everyone, then why do we elect them?

We at the Mecca support students who want a second chance at Alternative schools such as Tall Oaks and CBC!¬† They need support! So we are encouraging Pamela Boozer-Strother to reconsider her decision on no alternative schools and no restorative practice. We are asking her to stand on her word and not be remembered as the leader who turned her back on the at-risk students at Community Based Classroom (CBC) and Tall Oaks! Their future could be in the hands of our leaders. Please put the children first and encourage your peers to do so as well. They deserve a second shot so please reconsider turning that “no” to a “yes” on 2/24/22.