The Masterminds Behind The Newspaper

Kyle Chichester

Here we have the masterminds behind the newspaper; Larissa Vigil, Madisyn Brown-Binford and Virginia Bates. They put in work behind the scenes busting their butts off to get the newspaper done for YOU all because they want to, not because they need to, because they want to. Now I see newspapers on the floor in the gym and in the hallways and I feel like that’s disrespectful to them when they work so hard to get the newspapers out. There is no break for them, almost immediately after the newspaper is done and published, they start on the next one for the people of the jaguar nation. They need to be respected and recognized more when most of their time and effort goes into the newspaper. How would you feel if someone trashed or stepped over something you worked so hard for? And they still continue to do it because they want to and they want to see the newspaper come out more and more. So please if you do plan on buying one treat it with care, even if you buy it just to buy it don’t leave it around at least take it home.