History of Muhammad Ali

Ibrahim Kargbo and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

Let’s get ready to learn ! I know, cringe. Even so, Muhammad Ali is best known for his remarkable boxing career. Muhammad Ali is much more than what most people believe – in fact, it wasn’t even his birth name!(1944-41; he was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.). Besides being a phenomenal boxer, Muhammad Ali was an activist, entertainer, poet, and much more!

Boxing Origins

Muhmmad Ali was born January 17th, 1942 under the name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He was named in honor of a 19th century Republican politician, under a similar name.Muhammad Ali had Irish and even English family ancestry! I’m getting off track here. A descendant of antebellum slaves, Muhammad Ali only had one brother. Moreover, Ali was dyslexic, which affected his academic and personal life. It would be quite some time till Ali was introduced to the world of boxing, first having his passion for it sparked in 1952 due to a Louisville police officer, and boxing coach named Joe E. Martin. He encountered him after his bike was stolen.

Muhammad Ali made his debut in 1954 against an amateur boxer by the name of Ronnie O’Keefe, he won this match by split decision. He went on to win six Kentucky Golden Gloves Titles, two national Golden Gloves titles, an Amateur Athletic Union national title, and more.

The time when Muhammad Ali grew up was rife with racism. He was deeply affected by Emmett Till’s story, which caused him to vandalize local rail yards. His mother recalls a time when Muhammad Ali, or Cassius Clay Jr. was denied a drink of water due to his skin color.

Writes like a Butterfly, Sings like a Bee


Let me stop with the cringey references, but Muhammad Ali was a successful spoken word artist before he became a boxer. Two albums were released by him: I Am The Greatest and The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay. His albums were both nominated for Grammy Awards.The first album, I Am The Greatest, is regarded as a pioneering example of hip hop and rap. Also, the album helped Ali establish himself as a stylish, elegant trash talker.

Muhammad Ali had a record of fifty-six wins and six losses.
“A man who has no imagination has no wings.” – Muhammad Ali(1942-2016)