What is Poetry?


Layla Peets, Sydney Ellis, Editor

What is poetry? It could be anything.
It can rhyme, be metaphorical, or be nothing at all.
Poems are one of the many ways that you can express yourself.
You can even start with just a word, or even a feeling.
Ask yourself a question and answer it. That is poetry.

What is poetry? Everything is poetry.

It can be a message that you want to send, or just a passing thought.

You can start with something that’s been stuck in your mind, or even something you wish that was.

Looking around you and finding words to describe things. That is poetry.

There’s always something to write about.


Poems don’t have to mean anything either.


That’s the beauty of it.

The joy of writing something to see it be completed.

The ecstatic feeling of putting the period on the end of your last sentence.

That’s what writers chase after.

That’s what poets chase after.

That’s what I chase after.

And it could be you too.