Tamya Anderson, Sydney Ellis, Editor

Good Morning Jaguars,

As you may recall our school had a scheduled dress-down week, last week, for all of us to participate in. One of those days, (Thursday) happened to be culture day. Students were asked to dress in clothing that was a representation of their culture.

Culture day was my favorite dress down day for that week. Walking into the school and seeing everyone in their best fit that shows their authentic identity was really amazing to see. I saw a lot of beautiful colors and interesting outfits. Some of our fellow Jaguars decided to capture the African Student Association(ASA) team performance and upload it under their Tiktok account. Here are the accounts :

The videos reached over 1 million views and had thousands of comments! Make sure to check it out and show their videos some love through likes, comments and shares. It’s truly an honor to show the world how Charles Herbert Flowers High School represents the cultures) of everyone through dance and our best fits!


Have A Nice Day JAGS!