The Crisis in Cameroon

English side fighting the French government for equal rights

Pearly Fonji, Editor: Virginia Bates

Cameroon is a bilingual country with half speaking English and the other half speaking French. Since 2016, the English-speaking population, also known as the anglophones, has been in a war with the French population, the francophones.

It started with the English side fighting the French government for equal rights. As a result, a group called the Ambazonia was formed, whose main goal is to declare independence and own their own part of the country exclusively for Anglophones. During this process, they haven’t done anything to better the country but make everything worse.

They are killing the population, keeping kids away from schools, and making it hard for parents to earn a living to support their families. The Ambazonian is using these opportunities to ford and scam people, especially people that are traveling from a foreign country or have kids in a foreign country. It’s not just grown adults that are part of the Ambazonia, but even kids from the age of 13.