Teachers Want To See Students Fail?


Makaiyah White, EDIRTORS: Saffiatu Johnson/Malik Oliver

As a teacher you should want the best for your students and to see them exceed and succeed. Yet some teachers’ actions don’t show that these are their beliefs. This is a very frustrating matter, because in my opinion this is far from fair. Teachers need to understand that students have responsibilities outside of school and should be more lenient when it comes to late work. I have a selective few of teachers that give due dates but also give time after the due date for students to still turn in their work, which I think is fair considering all the factors as to why the student may have not completed the work on time. On the other hand I have a teacher who gives straight up 0’s for late work no excuses.

To me this is unfair because students have lives outside of school. For instance I have a job,little siblings to watch after and two AP classes. So when I’m assigned work in a class, why is it expected to be turned in that same day? Why can’t I have more time to get it completed? Don’t get me wrong, having due dates creates responsibility and a sense of stability but even if I do the work and turn it in late I’m given a 0! I’m from Montgomery County and I have never had an issue like this because we got points taken off for late work(late work was accepted). So I don’t know if this is PG County protocol but either way it’s unfair. Being a Junior is challenging enough as is, so to not have second chances,to get a failing grade and your teacher being okay with it is sickening.

I thought teachers wanted to see their students succeed? I thought teachers would be willing to go the extra mile to help their students so that they can get the credits and graduate? I thought teachers cared about their students and didn’t just look at this as a money thing? Clearly that doesn’t apply to all teachers and it’s highly disappointing.