Howard County Schools Make Indoor Masking Optional In March

Mask becoming a choice, slowly going back to normal. How do you feel?

Makaiyah White and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

Students in Howard County, Maryland, will no longer be required to wear masks indoors starting March 1. The Howard County Board of Education on Thursday voted to make face coverings optional using the first condition — at least 80% of the county ‘s population is fully vaccinated. Schools and offices will continue to have additional masks available as needed, for those who want to continue wearing them, a news release said.

“While masks will no longer be required in schools, every student and staff member should feel encouraged and supported to make the decision they feel most comfortable with,” Superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martirano said in a statement, adding a reminder to practice civility and to respect the choices of others when it came to masking.

“As we have seen a decline in cases and transmission in our county, and the optimistic community message from the Health Department this week regarding declining metrics, I believe this is the right time to make masks optional,” Cutroneo said.

The federal requirement for masks on public transportation remains unchanged so anyone on a school bus will still be required to wear a mask.