LGBTQ+ Included In Disney Cartoon Show. Can we get more black representation now?!?!

It’s a new day and age…


Makaiyah White and Raegan Travers

Disney made a reboot of the show ‘Proud Family’, a classic! Disney fans were going crazy over this reboot, very hyped and excited for this show to be making a comeback. Two episodes have been so far released and there are some characters apart of the lgbtq+ community. Some may agree with Disney’s decision and some may think it’s not appropriate for a children’s show. My opinion is if you don’t want your kids watchin’ it then don’t let ’em!! But it’s a new day and age, they’ll learn about it one way or another.

Disney making a reboot of this show was definitely the right move to make. Now all we need is either a live action ‘Princess and the Frog’ or another Black Disney Princess! C’mon Disney, there’s only one African American princess. We need representation! Don’t get me wrong Disney has been doing amazing with including different cultures, especially in their latest movie ‘Encanto’ but still, we need another Black princess. Am I asking for too much?

How do you feel about Disney including LGBTQ+ ? Do you agree there should be a live action ‘Princess and the Frog’ and/or a new black princess movie?