Philadelphia Family’s Lost Dog Found Two Years Later

Some stories do have a happy ending, find out in this heartwarming story.

Makaiyah White and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

A Philadelphia family was reunited with a dog who vanished from their yard two years ago when the canine turned up unexpectedly on a stranger’s porch. A resident identified as Renee D said her family’s puggle, Teddy, and another dog, Mimi, vanished from their Philadelphia back yard in November 2019.

The family posted about their missing pets on social media and searched the area, but they came to believe the dogs had been stolen. Renee said she was left “depressed” about the missing pets until she received a phone call last week from the Philadelphia Animal Hospital. Hospital officials said Teddy had been brought in by a stranger who found the canine shivering on their front porch. The dog was identified by his implanted microchip.

Renee said Teddy is settling back in at home. “He’s the boss in the house,” she said. “We really missed him.”