Over $6,000 To Smell Dog Poop

Company offers more than $6,000 to smell dog poop for two months

Makaiyah White, Sydney Ellis, Editor

A plant-based pet food company in Britain is offering to pay a dog owner more than $6,000 to switch their canine’s diet for two months and keep track of the pet’s poop smells. OMNI, a company that specializes in plant-based dog food, said it is seeking “a dedicated dog owner to sniff their dog’s poop, to test the effect a plant-based diet has on their dog’s digestion, stool odor and general health.”

The winning applicant will be paid $6,685.82 to use OMNI’s dog food for two months and report on the effects the food has on the animal’s frequency of bowel movements, poop odor, energy levels, behavior, sleep patterns, weight and fur condition. The dog will be examined by a veterinarian at the start and end of the two-month period, OMNI said.

OMNI co-founder Shiv Sivakumar said customers have reported improved digestion, energy levels and general health after switching to the plant-based food. “Not only that, we are getting feedback that their dogs’ stools have improved in terms of colour, consistency and smell. So, what better way to demonstrate this than by being willing to pay a dog owner to sniff their dog’s poop once they’ve switched to our brand of dog food?” Sivakumar said on the company’s website.