Spring Break!

Springtime is here!


Nataliyah Robinson and Mary Hamiltondandy//editor

Spring break is next week, and as many of us may say, ¨Finally!¨. I´m looking forward to this spring break, not only to take a break from school, assignments, etc but to also go out and have fun with my friends. There´s different types of people though. Some may not have any plans over the spring break. Their plans may just be at home, chilling. Just know that it´s not a bad thing if these are your plans. It´s nothing wrong with just taking time off from school, and resting in general. I know it´s going to feel good  not waking up early for school, and taking that trip to the bus stop in the morning lol. On the other hand, there´s people who want to live it up on spring break. Partying, going out, and just having fun. What are your plans for spring break? Whatever you guys do, I hope you guys enjoy it and make the best of it!