What Would you do if you were Immortal?

Layla Peets

If you were immortal, what would you do?  I think it would be hard to be immortal. Everyone likes to think about what it would be like to live forever, but what would it be like? 

To be immortal, that means to look and stay one age while everyone ages around you. Any family members, friends, and pets you have would die before you. If it was a choice, I wouldn’t decide to do that.

If I woke up and became immortal one day, I would tell maybe one person. Think about it. If you can live forever, who wouldn’t go after you? Once anyone hears of a person who couldn’t die, the would would fight to get to that person. Your organs could be sold on the black market, or could be used for Government testing.

However, becoming immortal has an upside to it too. You could become a god if you wanted to. Being a hero can be a reality for you too. Anything you want to do, it can be accomplished.

So, after knowing all of this, what would you do? Would you become immortal?