Surviving and Thriving in High School

Ibrahim Kargbo and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

Many middle school students rising up to become freshmen don’t really get to feel how big this transition from middle to high school is in their life until they fully move on. Some consider themselves to be popular, funny, smart, and to have a lot of friends. While this idea may not apply to all, entering high school changed a plethora of things. That a student such as the one previously I described may go through.. Some of your friends may grow distant, or maybe high school math isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. It’s important to have skills in order to successfully transition into high school.

It’s important that students make an effort to take care of themselves and make sure they are in prime condition for school the next day. Having good time management skills helps with this, simple things such as maintaining a good sleep schedule go a long way. Eliminating stressors in your life(ones that you can control at the very least) also help a lot. Try not to let late assignments pile up on you, or just let homework sit there because it’s not due till the very next day. Procrastination is a huge problem with many high school students. Because of this, it’s critical that a student tries to abstain from this and makes time for their assignments just as they may keep time for themselves. Having a good healthy balance of time for work and time for outside activities helps you keep calm and stress-free, which is critically vital.

Subsequently, it is also key that high school students maintain good relationships with the friends they may have around them. Meeting new people and being outgoing socially will help you feel that you aren’t in this alone, there are other people who may feel the way you do. Some skills you can apply in order to help you stay socially active are maybe working with someone new for a group project, rather than the same person each time. Or just sit in a new place when lunch comes. While it’s okay to have a niche group of friends, it’s beneficial to establish new connections with the others around you.

In time, every high school student will reach a period where stress may build up even if they may try to eliminate their stressors. Even if you aren’t experiencing this currently, having skills to deal with stress will help to keep your current mental state long-lasting. Determine what is causing you to stress and ask yourself if this is something that you can control. Not everyone deals with stress the same, so finding surefire ways to cope with it may not be as simple as asking someone else. Setting a good mental foundation helps in the long run, and will allow you once again maintain a healthy mental state.

Ultimately, keeping good time management skills, maintaining good relationships with others around you, and learning how to manage potential stress will help you get through high school successfully. There may be things that may not fall under these categories however, so it is important that you avidly build upon the skills you may already have, in case life decides to throw you a curveball or two.