The day that changed my life….

Jayla Fleming, Writer,Editor

On August 25th, 2021 at 8:34pm my boyfriend  little cousin Peyton John Evans a 8 year old was shot and killed in my boyfriends house. I was outside with my boyfriend and my other friend when we heard the gunshots, me and my friend thought somebody was banging on the door until my cousin called me. When she told us it was gunshots we rushed home, a hour went by and then my boyfriend called me crying. I asked him over and over again what’s wrong, once he finally started  to talked he yelled out ̈Pj, they got pj” my heart dropped. I walked out my bed room and yelled for my mom and cried and told her they shot him. A day go by and it’s my dad’s birthday and he passed away 12 years ago, so this day was very hard. The days flew by and before I knew it it was his funeral September 10th, his funeral was very hard for me to see him like that. His service was very pretty and well thought out. This past valentine’s day was his birthday he turned nine, it was very hard to not call and say happy birthday to him. That little boy was amazing, smart,handsome,funny, and loving. I know Pj would want me to live my life to the fullest so that what try to do every day.


So many young kids are dying by stray bullets, and its sad. This needs to stop so many farther´s and mothers are losing their babies and its sad. Most of these crimes are black men shooting black girls and boys. This need to sop asap! We shouldn’t be killing our future, we should be teaching them. The kids that are dying and getting shot aren´t  in the streets or nothing. Pj was a smart kid he played football and got straight As. These young kids getting killed was going to be something in this world, they was  bright child and was gonna be something.

Please stop the gun violence and put the gun downs! Stop killing these young kids.