What’s Your Favorite Cereal?


So Many Varieties!

Joseph Okumodi, Contributor | Copy Editor: Deontae Roach

Today, March 7, is National Cereal Day!

Today we celebrate one of the world’s most popular breakfast foods. The day started back in 1854 when Ferdinand Schumacher, a German immigrant, began the cereal revolution. He lived in Akron Ohio, and his German Mills American Oatmeal Company was the nation’s first commercial oatmeal manufacturer.

Random Fact!

The Ceres Dwarf Planet named after the Greek Goddess.


The term “cereals” comes from Ceres, ancient Roman goddess of agriculture. She was the goddess of the growth of food plants. She was often associated with edible grains and even has as dwarf planet named after her.





So, what’s your favorite cereal?