Why I Hate Money

charmaine mufua

Of course I enjoy having money and being able to buy things I want, however I hate that money is a thing. I hate that in order to have basic needs such as water and shelter you need to have money. I hate how greedy and evil money can make people. I believe that everyone should be granted basic human needs without having to be exploited or exploit people for money. If you really think about it, don’t you think it’s pretty ridiculous that humans need water to survive and are 70% water yet need to work to get it? Why should anyone have to work for something that is a basic human right?  No, this isn’t laziness because the reality is the hardest working people in our society are the people who are being exploited making not even a living wage/barely a living wage while there are people who have enough money to end world hunger 3 times. Striving to be a millionaire/billionaire is striving to become someone who exploits the working class. The only two things you can be in our society is the exploited or the exploiter. This is because of white supremacy which brought capitalism which runs on money.