How is your mental health?

Avery Thomas, Editor:Malik Oliver,saffiatu Johnson

Throughout the last couple years we have dealt with some very new normals. Friends and family catching COVID-19, having to wear a mask just to go out and the transition from virtual to “regular” school. Some of us can adapt quickly to change, but others of us need some time to adjust. I know life has been a rollercoaster for all of us because every time we think the pandemic is over here comes another variant. As I’m writing this article we are in the longest quarter of the year (3rd quarter) and without basically any breaks this quarter it could take a toll on us physically and mentally. So do everything you can to keep yourself from falling into a deep depression. Take advantage of your mental health day this quarter, I beleive we get 1 every quarter and it isn’t enough for everything us as teenagers deal with but it’s something. I just feel like we are looked at for what we produce and what our grades look like, but never are asked how we are feeling. I’m long winded and could talk about this forever, but instead I’m just going to ask all of you one simple question “How is your mental health?”