Do your Eyes See?: An Insight to Hallucinations

Layla Peets, Denay Thompson/editor

Do they?

Your eyes I mean, do they see?

They look, sure. But can they see?

Are you able to see everything?



In the corner of your eye, did you see it?

It just ran into the darkness.

Turn around.

Someones watching.



I looked, but it disappeared.

It must have hidden in the darkness.

Turn around.

I feel them watching.




Did you hear that?

It’s music. But where is it coming from?

Did you leave something on?

Look in every direction.



I heard it.

It’s coming from all around.

I don’t think I left something on.

It’s not coming from any one place.


They do.

My eyes see.

I can see everything and more.


Even when I’m alone, I’m never alone

I can see things that aren’t there.

I can hear things that aren’t there.

I’m an overachiever