Mandatory Uniforms ?

Mary Hamiltondandy, Sydney Ellis, Editor

As noticed many people aren’t following the uniform policy. There has been a debate on the uniform policy, and if the mandatory uniform policy should be enforced during the school year. A petition was created for CHF parents. It was created in order for the parents to vote to either eradicate or continue the uniform policy. If 20% of the parents in the school complete the petition,  the uniform policy will be revisited and taken to a vote. Parents will have from March 15-March 29 to sign the petition. If the petition does not reach the 20% threshold, we will remain a Mandatory Uniform School. So please let your parents know to fill out the petition so the uniform policy can be reviewed and revised/removed. If this policy is removed students still have to follow PGCPS dress code. (see PGCPS website for dress code). The vote will occur from March 30- April 8. If the majority of parents that cast votes decide that they would like the policy vacated, then CHF will no longer be a Mandatory Uniform School.


Do you think the uniform policy should be removed ?