Uniform Policy- Moving Forward

Jennifer Tamayo⭐/ Gorman Brown, Editor: Showayane Wallace

¨As we continue to plan for the next school year, it is important that we solicit input from all members of our school community regarding whether we will continue to be an institution that requires school uniforms. As students have increasingly taken advantage of the flexibility offered with the current uniform policy, and with the growing number of families that have communicated their concern with having a mandatory uniform policy, it is time to revisit whether it is in our best interest to remain a mandatory uniform school. The Uniform Committee, in conjunction with the PTSA have explored the process of exploring options and, as Principal, I am communicating the process in this correspondence. The steps that will be taken are as follows:

1. If 20% of the parents in the school complete the petition below, the uniform policy will be revisited and taken to a vote. Parents will have from March 15- March 29 to sign the petition. If the petition does not reach the 20% threshold, we will remain a Mandatory Uniform School.
2. If the 20% threshold is reached, parents will be given the opportunity to vote on whether the school would continue the Mandatory Uniform policy or not. The vote will occur from March 30- April 8. If the majority of parents that cast votes decide that they would like the policy vacated, then CHF will no longer be a Mandatory Uniform School.

3. The outcome of the process will be communicated to the school community upon the return from Spring Break on April 19.

If CHF ceases to be a mandatory Uniform School, students will be required to wear their School ID’s while in the school community. “Regardless of whether CHF continues to be a Mandatory Uniform School, students are required to abide by the PGCPS Dress Code. These mandates will be enforced immediately.¨ – Gorman Brown

*Check your gmail for the link so your parents gets a chance to vote!*