From the U.S. to France and then back

WinNikka Dillon, Staff Reporter

Dijon, Grenoble, and Paris are dream locations for any summer visit to France. One new teacher at CHFHS has had a chance to not only visit these cities and more, but she has had the opportunity to live and study there as well. New French teacher, Ms. Pierrot, has lived with French families and studied in various cities in France. She has visited the above mentioned cities as well as Angers and Abidjan, France.
“By living in France, I have been able to share with my students personal experiences of daily life in France concerning food, money, shopping, entertainment, transportation, and people,” said Ms. Pierrot.
Ms. Pierrot’s interest in the French language began in middle school, but died down after tenth grade. It was sparked back up again in college, when she had the opportunity to study abroad in France.
“My hardest year teaching was when I worked with three and four year old children because I could not find a variety of teaching materials and I had to create a lot of materials myself,” said Ms. Pierrot, “It was very rewarding in the end because the children were singing songs and speaking French to their parents and friends.”
She also tried to learn Spanish while in Mexico, but was only able to communicate and understand very basic Spanish. She said the experience helped her to understand the problems her students face when they are studying French.
While teaching in the U.S. and other places, Ms. Pierrot describes her overall teaching experience as very good. Although when starting out, Ms. Pierrot said that when having trouble with students, it was somewhat easier since two of her aunts were principals and had several family who were teachers to help with advice.