CHF Revisits Uniform Policy

Ariel Olfus and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

As we have heard from Dr.Brown, CHF will be reconsidering whether or not we will be a mandatory uniform school or if we just follow the system wide dress code. 20% of the parents have to sign the petition and then they will have to vote. They have from March 15-29 to sign the petition and if the petition gets the signatures, then the votes will be taken from March 30-April 8. Regardless of the outcome of the uniform policy, the system wide dress code will have to be followed. You can find the system wide dress code here: PGCPS System Wide Dress Code

The result of the vote will be available April 19 after spring break. If you would like to not have a uniform policy next year, please have your parents/guardians sign the petition for them to reconsider here: Petition for the Uniform Policy.

Please remember that the petition has a time limit and that time is quickly approaching, so you will have to act fast. This vote will affect the future of the presence of uniforms at CHF and that is a big decision that will affect us all.