Why Students Should Not Wear Uniforms!


Jennifer Tamayo⭐ and Dusaun Shedden (Editor)

Here are some listings including reasons why students should not wear school uniforms.

1. School Uniforms Deprive Students of Freedom of Expression…

Being able to express yourself is a right that every parent wants their children to learn from a young age. If students are not permitted to demonstrate their individuality and originality through dressing, they may develop feelings of oppression and discouragement, which can damage their personality.

2. School Uniforms Can Be Expensive!

Paying for school uniforms can be a waste of money, especially if  they attend school for up to 5 or 6 days weekly. The implication of this is that they would need an extra set of uniforms. Some parents cannot afford a lot of uniforms! Sometimes they have other children too and they have to buy for them as well. (In situations like this, buying regular clothes may be much less expensive than paying for school uniforms).

3. Difficulty Finding Uniforms…

You go to stores trying to find your uniforms. They don’t even have your color nor the size! It is really frustrating! If we didn’t have this uniform policy, this would not happen. Normal clothes are easier to find in your size.

4.  School Uniforms Do Not Improve Academic Performance…!

One of the significant problems schools today is poor academic performance. There is no detectable correlation between school uniforms and the academic performance of students. One of the many reasons for going to school is to boost academic performance. And, once a student is ambitious and hard-working, academic excellence isn’t far ahead. So, wearing of school uniform does not affect a students’ performance.


                                                                                  Ban Uniforms!!