Type Love

Desmond Benjamin, denay thompson/editor

I wanna, me thinking of you thinking about how you love me, type love.

I wanna, love that it doesn’t matter what happens we still love each other, type love.

I wanna, every time we see each other we can’t stop smiling type love.

I wanna, have those arguments about who loves who more type love.

I wanna, love that even when we may hate each other guts we still say “I love you” before we go to bed type love.

I wanna, give you my whole world type love.

I wanna, hug you till my arms fall off type love.

I wanna, give you the love that I never had type love.

That love when you can’t love anyone else like that type love.

The love that no one gave me type love.

The love of how we can sit on the couch and watch a movie but be in our own world with just us type love.

Or how when she’s sleeping she looks so sweet, me thinking if you’re dreaming of me type love.

How we say we aren’t gonna talk to each other type love, but can’t even make it one minute without saying hi or just wanting to hear the other’s voice type love.

I want that type love.