My Thoughts On The Mask Mandate


Oluwafunmilola Aderoju, Editor//Dakota Meekins

Recently Prince George’s County lifted their indoor mask mandate, but masks are still required in schools. This raises the question, should we really go on with this mask mandate? I feel like we should not because as soon as we take off the mask, even if you are fully vaccinated cases could easily rise once more. It is risky and the covid cases might go higher and it will be so uncontrollable that we will have to have another lockdown. Covid-19 is no joke, PGCPS has already had to close school down once. It is a terrible idea, and it is going to go wrong and negatively affect a lot of people. 

It is a dangerous decision to make, and they need to be reasonable and think of all that could happen. I think the mask mandate should not be lifted at least until summer, that gives them more time to think of the consequences we might be facing and the problems we will have to tackle. 

What do you think?