Finding Happiness within…..

Denay Thompson, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

*Eat Healthy


*Treat Yourself Well

*Take a Break from Social Media

*Set that Movie Date Night for Yourself

*Go out and Explore

*Take Pictures of Beautiful Things

*Write it all out.

* Try to do things you use to love

*keep around those who bring out the best in you.

Who is it that we are

Who is it that we have become?

What is it that we should have been?
What did people expect us to be?
But more importantly what is it that we expected from ourselves?

So should I fit in as the world expects me to
Or should I stand out like I was born to be!

Should I be the needy helpless person he wanted me to be
Or should I be the strong independent person I know I am

Do I have to choose and be a particular kind?
Or I could just be me not knowing what’s on my mind

If I choose me will you let me stay the way I am
Or will you still not be satisfied and make me pretend

You can’t have it all they say, It can’t be all your way !!!
But what is wrong with it, I ask?
Why is it wrong to desire it all and not mask it?

I can’t be what you expect of me
For I don’t know yet who or what I wanna be

Maybe I don’t wanna find out
Maybe I’m content in my oblivious want

I can’t be the image you and the world created for me
But does that mean I deserved what you did to me?

You tortured, you slapped, you yelled, you blamed
All this because you thought it was your reign

It’s like I’m stuck in a loop
But who cares what happened, unless and until there’s proof

Is this what I wanted? What have I become?
What would you do when you don’t have the answers and you just can’t seem to overcome?